A sense of silence

We watched the leaves fall, each swirling downward Till in the end we sensed what we have known, That the bough that held us has left us go. We knew it would, even from the start we knew. This is the plain truth of it, a knowledge We have always known, that we would decline […]

I bade them all farewell

I bade them all farewell, eager to flee And catch the last train home. I heard the bells Peel out and watched the urban fall away To countryside and thought how much of life Was done. A word of comfort to his wife. The fields flew by as evening bled the day. His fathers son, […]


Sometimes a moment passes when I stare Beyond the known and gaze within to find My voice chanting to an old Latin prayer That as a child I learned. Long since declined And packed away and hid with some distain. An old relic, an offering to my youth That brings me back. I hear the […]

Remember your a child at heart

Remember your a child at heart Seeking only childish things. You still frightened of the dark Though older now within there springs Eternal hope and what it brings. The child inside is always there It waits and waits and waits for you Has no burdens or no cares Gently whispering what to do That in […]

Long past the little dramas

Long past the little dramas that survive Filled with dwindling grandeur as the last leaf Falls foretelling the harbinger of our lives Full of forgetfulness and dreams once sheaved Buried beneath the heaped up seasons, withered Away, how easy to forget to live Numbed by our own tribulations we dither Looking inward, fearful of what […]


  Old men say that in the end life is brief, We live and dream then simply fade away. We have not long for laughter or for grief So short a time in which to find a way. And yet from dust we came and were conceived To follow hope and hope when dust returned […]