Your House

You arrive at your front door and the steps Are full of children’s toys, or maybe there Are no toys just memories that you’ve kept. You enter and toss their hair, or the air That’s left long after they’ve left, your fingers Make a motion that somehow feels bereft As if some strangeness gathered, and […]

After the commotion

After the commotion and the grave, All that’s left is the quiet. And to listen but only hear The strangeness of the┬ánight.   When all is gathered up It seems almost the same. As love is swept away And the heart not used again.

What must I do

What must I do now that you’ve gone away. They said that time would somehow ease the pain. I miss you at the dawning of the day And see your face in every drop of rain. I’ve tried to stem the teardrops from my eyes, Forget the arms that held and lips that kissed And […]

An old affair

An old affair; these two have lunch On chipped white plates Of beans and bread and mugs of tea And don’t talk much but stare As if their eyes hold secrets Too old to share. She clears the delph. A living pair Who’ve had their day Yet still can rise and face the morn And […]


Perhaps in retrospect the point of view Was on a presumptive outcome And thus the standpoint was within A frame of reference that was slanted Toward the inevitable and therefore Justifiable as the probable denouement Of events set in motion by others Whose purpose was designed or intended To simplify the anticipated culmination Of the […]

What did you see

What did you see when you gathered the prism Of all that you had left and held the light Against it as it flickered in the schism Of wary apprehension where the slight Breezes wavered the flames as you glimpsed At how the world sees you without pretence Or deceit unfurling the inner sphinx You […]


I thought I heard you knocking at my door. Was it a dream I’d dreamt that you were there. Tis said that once you’ve passed, you pass no more And all that miss that chance live in despair. Thus in my dreams I saw a battle rage. An old man staggered, harried by his foes. […]