The bounty that I’d hungered for I gained yet spurned to dine And behind the mirrors looking I feared its crumbs where mine. Not that I was sated From life’s necessities But left the the table waiting On the plenty I could see. Yet was it I was hungry From the outside looking in Or […]

Le salon de cuiffure

Mon Dieu she shrieked, I watched him standing there, Beneath the Gogh, the suit was Weatherill. He sipped cognac (Eden de Gautier) And on his arm some filly from Brazil. You heard, of course, poor dear, she knew the drill. What was she thinking: her dress, she wore Chanel, The shoes, Vuitton, I thought were […]

Cherry Trees

I do not know what grieves me more, the slant Of light that veils the face of April snow As Cherry trees begin to shed and know Their time has passed them by, or the slow chant Among the boughs, a keening of despair For what was beautiful, so short a stay Of fragile company […]