The shadows lengthen

The shadows lengthen and the seasons fold, Where faces tightly grained as silken thread Like some great secret yearning to be told Keep watch upon the living and the dead. And as they watched the body and the mind, In a world where everything’s not fair, They waited for some meaning of a kind Yet […]

The leaves are changing

The leaves are changing into something new. How easy to forget that summers fade And all that seemed so simple bids adieu As Autumn turns the world a paler shade. There is no wonder in the falling leaves Nor any splendour at their changing hue, There’s only heartbreak in the heart that’s thieved And love […]

Looking back

Looking back there was no revelation. Nothing of the past prepared me, For I knew nothing, But the language of the past. I was not brave. For what use had I of courage. What use of courage When there is nothing to fear. I wondered if I’d fallen. Yet felt no sorrow at the thought […]