This house feels smaller now

This house feels smaller now, almost archaic In its perspective as I stumble through Its rooms amid chaotic thoughts and you Embedded in her fabric, a mosaic Of undiminished memories clutching The jumbled emotions of remembrance Down the decades to watch anew and glance At her misshapen comforts, each touching Those keepsakes of the mind […]

He grows indifferent

He grows indifferent in his own season Where the solstice of his thoughts separate Leaving behind a malady, where the wind blows Imposing solitude on its rhyme and reason. He is in the mildew of himself lost in the memory, Turning cold and silent to where the inner waters flow Leaving him retreated among the […]

I didn’t think that you would say goodbye

I didn’t think that you would say goodbye, Perhaps in innocence I thought a child’s Belief in fairy tales that dreams don’t die. My dreams have ended now, lost in the wild Stuttering voices whispering their rage At the silent places where life goes on. The maddening echoes of an empty stage Calling out to […]