We’ve been down this road

We’ve been down this road before, as the dawn
Weaves the first rays of sunlight through the air
And your face, waking to my fingers drawn
To the soft slope of your waist, as we stare
Lost in the thought of things we cannot share,
Somethings are better left unsaid, no doubt
The careworn wreckage of our past would snare
Some careless word, so we don’t talk about
The dangers of this sea, or how to thread
Oceans far from the harbour of our hearts,
We have sailed knowing nothing can be said
Of the coming waves, yet as we depart
We cast aside the anchors of our past
To set sail, for as long as it may last.


2 thoughts on “We’ve been down this road

  1. I can see a lot of potential about your poetry, for example your use of enjambment stands out as carefully considered and also serves to make the rhyming less obvious, which is always a feature I look for in rhymed poetry.
    Although there are a couple of things which I think you could tweak – for example, should the title line be ‘we’ve been’, rather than ‘we’ve being’? – and there is room for improvement in your meter, I think you have a solid foundation for a sonnet here.
    A really nice heroic couplet to end this provided a vocal full-stop. I enjoyed reading this.


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