We’ve been down this road

We’ve been down this road before, as the dawn Weaves the first rays of sunlight through the air And your face, waking to my fingers drawn To the soft slope of your waist, as we stare Lost in the thought of things we cannot share, Somethings are better left unsaid, no doubt The careworn wreckage […]

The last light

Evening comes so swiftly, with the last light Fading like a dropping leaf, tinged and tired Against a twilight sky as day expires And the cold sun falls slowly from our sight. We blinded by the stars, reveal the past As something that is ours no more to give, Lost images and memories that live […]

Old men with bent fingers

Old men with bent fingers weaving worn nets Beside capricious seas dream of their boats Filled with leaping fish as great swells heaving In boiling waters tumble to the sand. And dawn breaking the stars, as the last lights Winking out amid the wild gusts squalling The heavens and of crested waves falling To the […]