These things we seek

These things we seek, are far away yet near, As simple truths elusive to the eye. When all we sense as real becomes unclear, And everything unsure in how it lies. For what we seek we’ve wandered far to find, Yet have no sense or thought of what will be, This key to all the […]

Churchill in Paris

Always in a hurry, that strident gait, His step and his grim determination, Concealing both his passion and his fate. The nemesis of his kind and station. It was a face cast in adversity. Dubious of the clamour to appease. Born with such discipline and certainty, To rid a nation of its great unease. Yet […]

I have always

I have always sat at the back, unsure Of the old rituals, of bread and wine And priests softly preaching with their lure Of community and heavenly signs. Yet these silent mutterings disturb me As I find myself listening to the dead Reciting invocations with their plea For resurrection and to live instead. I watch […]