All day she felt the ladder

All day she felt the ladder, as it swayed Among a host of others where she held It, grounded down, while those above her played Some great game unfolding, and she impelled, Struck dumb with fear or sense, to climb or thread That path and put herself beyond the brink, Immutable, she would not leave […]

How swift the fleeting minute flows

How swift the fleeting minute flows That sweep our hopes and dreams away. This urgent hour so speedy goes From fickle youth to cold decay. Our little lives, how short a span That spurts and splutters in the flame, Where wild desires and follies fan Deaths hunger and relentless claim. How short a time when […]

What word of heaven then

What word of heaven then, Telling you of the old comedy To lance the serendipity And dreary ghosts that rage against The steadfast tomb. What word have you to light the way And guide us home. We cannot see beyond the rot Yet speak in tongues reciting Abstract evocations across The mysterious seasons. What word […]

From their poverty they rose

From their poverty they rose, To learn the calligraphy, The gamma and the beta, From the hovels and dry burrows And left their want behind. The callous hands softened In the knowledge of Coiffured plaits In the vapid haze Of sequins embedded in the Curlicues of attainment. They flitted from their tedious Lives to enlightenment, […]