I am not free

I am not free, bound to you I am sold For the cheapest coin, I am the broken bread, The spilt blood, the hollow husk, drained and bled On this insidious altar bleak and cold. Am I not free, hiding in my closed mind. Lost in these shabby parlours and old rooms. With its facades […]


When these days are ended And gently fade away Will you still remember The dreams of yesterday. Or will your heart be hardened By the bitter pill of pride To render and to sunder So that all you’ve loved has died. And in that place of shadows Will you not forgive the past To cleanse […]

Now evening’s here

Now evening’s here I seem to lose my way, On every path that’s lost beneath the leaves. I watch them drift yet know I cannot stay, For I must go before the light is thieved. They seem to swirl the air against the trees, As if to kiss them in their last goodbye, And float […]

What was it that had calmed us

What was it that had calmed us Through the centuries of neglect. Driven outward by the Sad mantra of despair. Like mountains covered in their Own mists, Forever looking inward as our Histories hardened against us. We became nomads in our own land. Lost in the infinite Atlantic swell, Searching for the lost voice Of […]