Something happened

Something happened, some defect that you saw That gave you pause to doubt, what did you see In our biographies, what fateful flaw Had you slip away, to limbo’s emperies. For there are no memories we can take. No inference or hope that may draw breath. Nothing to cling to, just the simple ache Of […]

It has a quiet solemnity

It has a quiet solemnity, far from The harsh reproof, a stolen hour to while Away that none may know, begets a smile, Subdues the pathos and the beating drum. And as the world outside is cast adrift, This self, that life has slowly sundered goes To where it last knew peace and healing flows […]

Had I wrought

Had I wrought in the cauldron of regret Forged in the bleak indifference of your heart That moment that had died but won’t forget Those subtleties that would pick our world apart. For what is love that falls and gently flows To the wizened essence of where it lies, Silent and ashamed hiding from the […]

It was the wind

It was the wind becoming still AndĀ litter settling, amid the rancour Of the rain easing back to a trickle, Hiding the bitterness of its sting Among the malignant lights bearing down On that pitiful street that I most remember. And the silent roar of water Stumbling to the drains Wasting away and the thought Of […]

Maybe a shadow passing

Maybe a shadow passing and the shame, Recalls the stranger standing at the door. You will remember then and call his name, And wonder how we’ve never met before. For in that instant who can scarcely start To understand this person you’ve ignored, That his embrace has taken back your heart And all that’s lost […]

Along the snowy paths

Along the snowy paths beneath the stars Half-lost within the delicious silence Of ourselves, we hear the quaint quietness Of snowflakes falling softly to the ground. We listen to the gentle sounds of snow Drifting in a downy sea of stardust, Reflecting light, become a silver spur Cascades the heavens to the world below.