I am old now

I am old now and the moon wanes As the winter settles on the weather vanes, This moment at the back end of my days Of the gutter and the passageways, I’ve seen it all, the crumbling street The dead leaves fall about my feet, The glories of my life unfurled Are but the silent […]

Suddenly the snow

Suddenly the snow fell and the grey sky Tumbling downward, turning the whole world white, While dancing snowflakes drifting on the night Speak words unspoken, waiting for reply. I feel the music of the withered leaf, Singing, its powdered shell a ghostly hue Descending slowly, bids the tree adieu And floating earthward hides within its […]

There is a grim reality

There is a grim reality To life’s obscenities, Lying in this barren bed In the half light of the world And nothing said. She is a ball of tangled wool Hoping that somehow He can unpick the subtle complexities Of demons that reside Deep within her mysteries. And he with his fragile mind Knowing nothing […]

I had forgotten

I had forgotten, how could I forget, These darkening clouds bring it back again. The rolling thunder and the falling rain, Those subtle signals of the night we met. I thought I had forgot your smiling face That broke into laughter beneath the door. And eyes that would haunt me forevermore, Huddling together in that […]

These Autumn winds

These autumn winds that gently shake the trees Of leaves that fall as teardrops to the ground, Remind me of my fate and what will be, The tide of life to which we all are bound. For in the wind I listened for the truth Of distant echoes hoping to recall, But find within its […]

I watched as petals

You watched as petals floating on the tides Of autumn winds begin their slow descent, Fall quietly to the ground like jilted brides Where dreams and hopes lie wasted and are spent. Yet even at the end when tears are shed, Let not your heart be hardened by such woe, And in its mercy let, […]

Sometimes I think of you returning

Sometimes I dream of you returning, The dim lights flaring And I see again a human face, Not the fossil that embraces The emptiness , staring Into the black hole beyond the event horizon Where nothing will return. Yet I am bound by our gravities To see this through. To play the charade of talking […]