Taking the back roads

Taking the back roads
And the day having no future
I drove as the soft rain patted
The falling leaves and the sky
Unrepentant, allowed us no solace.

Looking sidewards leaning his forehead against
The cold pane, indifferent to the world,
Occupied in the corollary of his thoughts,
Drifting in the motion of his being.

Having watched her knead the dough
With such fierceness as we prepared to go,
The strained smile as I kissed her
And the look between them that no words could express.

I had forgotten the innocence of this place.
Limestone walls like ribbons held
The necklace of the land in its thrall
And as the rain gave way to mist I felt condensed
Bringing back memories of another world.

We drove blundering in the silence
Each heading to our inevitable metamorphosis ,
Driven by the ambivalence of our station
Confused in the habitual penance of our kind.

And I thought of her offerings and the silent prayers,
Meaningless words mocking the certainty.
How strange this comedy,
That laughs at the broken heart.


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