Morning comes

Morning comes with the old ritual Of sap and bough, each leaf a burden And you swaying among the violets Perfumed in the lace of roses Distilling sunlight in your hair Drawing no shadows Blooming in the midday sun And looking to the evening sky Wrapped the stars about you. “Come now let us flee […]

Speak to me of flattery

Speak to me of flattery, of half-truths And quaint old love stories falling from lips Pursed with embroidered whisperings which slips The great pretence between us with its roots Of old cankers of sadness and regret, Of what was lost and what had passed away, Recalling sorrows of another day That begs forgiveness, hoping to […]


Sometimes when you smiled and words unspoken. That look that spoke of everything unsaid. I hold those thoughts and dreams to me unbroken, Though desolate that all I’ve loved is dead. Words you spoke so softly that still linger, Now quietly fade away into the past. As my world has slipped between my fingers, With […]

Cloistered men

Cloistered men chanting hymns to paradise, Of obedience and devotion, sing To God and to their common fellowship, Songs that bind them in their adulation. In the trees, birds gather, flocking, roosting, Waiting for their moment, ambiguous To the order and the certainty, fly Casual undulations of the sky, Settle into the coming gloom,waiting. We […]

A promise

A promise, and the thought of something said, Reminds her of the pleasures she had missed, She thinks about each moment and the kiss, The subtle entanglements, and the bed Of soft pillows and linen sheets, that keep The dreams of love beneath her nakedness, Billowing curtains breathe each breath, to bless The stretching sinew […]

If I should dream.

If I should dream of how we met that day, Our shadows mingling on the carriage floor. The clacking rhythms of the track might say, We were in love with love but nothing more. For as a man born of the lesser kind, Could only lead but when to follow you. Such are the subtleties […]

Taking the back roads

Taking the back roads And the day having no future I drove as the soft rain patted The falling leaves and the sky Unrepentant, allowed us no solace. Looking sidewards leaning his forehead against The cold pane, indifferent to the world, Occupied in the corollary of his thoughts, Drifting in the motion of his being. […]