Beyond the threshold

Beyond the threshold,
Where propinquity beckons.
Sitting in the half light,
Eliciting the atmosphere
Of quiet conveniality.
Sips upon the afterthought
As he folds about himself
An outer shell of relaxation.
And yet his presence
Observed, transparent,
Muted and appraised
Bringing the predictable response,
Acknowledged by the slightest tremor
Accepts the offering and
With delectable ease
Takes a small sup
Unaware of the oblique mutterings,
In the cadence of his gait
Generating a penumbra of disquiet
Revolving in the orbit of himself.
He is at ease with his surroundings.
Moulded into the present,
Lost in the moment,
Extracting the cognisance
Of the daily periodical
From his inside pocket
Begins to read.


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