There were trees

There were trees and the rustle of the wind And sounds other than the wind Which came from the land because of the wind. The land was full of sounds of the wind The rustle of the trees and of other things. I listened to the land through the rustle of the trees Hearing the […]

Beyond the threshold

Beyond the threshold, Where propinquity beckons. Sitting in the half light, Eliciting the atmosphere Of quiet conveniality. Sips upon the afterthought As he folds about himself An outer shell of relaxation. And yet his presence Observed, transparent, Muted and appraised Bringing the predictable response, Acknowledged by the slightest tremor Accepts the offering and With delectable […]

Perhaps the indifference

Perhaps the indifference, and this place Sorely vanquished, left quite beyond repair. Once of hopeful countenance, but now where Grasses grow between each stone and to face The stark reality, the stuttering grief, The pilgrim returns, each instant of distress, A teardrop falling silently, to blessooo The memory, absolves the errant thief, Recalls the temple […]

Among the lilac trees

Among the lilacs trees. Thinking of the last act. In the quiet silence of the room. Where memories are shaken, The voyage of life is taken, At the moment of farewell. The daffodils have died, Just when spring heralds the first faint flush of summer. How cruel it is to be young. Having no remorse. […]