When I remember

When I remember young boys climbing trees, Their faces set in fixed determination. For the base was the hardest hurdle climbed. Some never made it, rooted to the spot. Always looking up, fearful of the fall. Some stopped on lower boughs and would not climb Any higher; and happy with themselves, Fell back again, returned […]

She hides behind

She hides behind the convent of her heart. Where everything is hid and sacrificed, And ploughs the calmer waters she can chart. To deeper seas, she will not be enticed. Behind her gates she looks out on her world, To see the roses bloom then fade away. For bitter are the hopes that lie unfurled, […]

If only grief

If only grief would flare, then fade away, It’s embers dying, licking at my soul. Then I would bear the cost of what was stole, And try to live without you for a day. Yet grief will not be stilled or laid to rest, Than I could keep the howling winds at bay. There are […]

Recess of the night

Sometimes, in the last recess of the night, When the world is quiet at its darkest hue. On the precipice, of the coming light, I would lie eyes open, dreaming of you. For within that dream I have told my lies, With carrion kisses, my dreams foretell, An old crows laughter and of my demise, […]

We are dead a long while

We are dead a long while, And life is just an adjunct, Lost in the terror of the living. For there are memories Cold and absolute, Where all that live, Scurry back to die. And light slows, becoming torpid Fragmenting, dissipating, Where the stars reflect morbidity, And the masses wail, Though they never understand, Or […]