There is nothing here but the now

There is nothing here but the now.
Do not look to see the present through the eyes of the dead,
Or find excuses by hoping for the future.
There is only now.
The sun, the moon and stars are yours.
You are the proprietors of every evil, every good and every grace.
This moment is the distillation of every thing that’s past,
As tomorrow is the distillation of today.
Heaven is no nearer or hell no further away.
There has never been a time when life was better or worse,
When the world was younger or older,
More beautiful or less perfect.
The air you taste today is neither sweeter nor sourer,
Than any air breathed before you.
Thus live your life for now and listen only to your heart,
Forget the lies of knaves or preachers.
They have always lied and will forever lie.
You must live for today for tomorrow you will be but a distillation of today.
There is nothing more or nothing less.
You are as perfect as you will ever be,
And as flawed as can ever be.
Do not remember what was past,
Or hope for tomorrow,
For tomorrow is just today at another time,
And remembering is just the distillation of another time.
Wrap yourself around today,
And give this moment all the love you can.
For tomorrow’s love is but a dream,
And yesterday’s love is of little use.
For you and I are as the leaves of grass,
That grow and die.
Neither better or worse,
Than those before us or yet to come.


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