Invariably when the day recedes

Invariably when the day recedes,
The clipped glitter of the evening stars,
Reflecting monody on every wall,
Whispering to each soul that sinks beneath
The silent reverie, cascading downwards,
Absolves us of our guilt, to let them fall.
The sky, straddled by the great monoliths,
Propel the heavens downwards to the ground,
Sprinkling stardust upon the hallowed turf,
To mingle with the ghostly hue and cry
And see within the spray of teardrop falls,
That sense of what we lost inside the surf.
I see you high above the platitudes,
Watch the sleepless river’s eternal flow,
Rebuff the gradual opacities
Of simple minds, brushed with soft memories,
Of moonlight dreams and of their bartered blood,
Lost in the small mind of mendacity.
From the lost haven of the fallen leaf,
To the butchered sinew of tortured steel,
Searching the endless hope beyond despair,
To find some solace, and in what is read,
Seek equivocations and the prayer,
Unbind us from our grief and from the dead.


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