I saw you looking

I saw you looking out beyond our dreams, With such regret, yet hoped to steal away, Where everything was bright or so it seemed, When held against the harshness of the day. Though my wishes, had held you in my hand, You slipped away as quietly as the morn, To lose yourself among that faithless […]

There are angles

There are angles. Obtuse and perpendicular, Where the wind carves. Abutments and deep ravines, That never quite heal, But bear their torments from the harshest gales. For the deepest cuts, Are found in the gentlest hands. And soft words Slice the last remnants Of dignity. Laying them at their feet, Writhing in the shame Of […]

Summer rain

She is as the summer rain soft as silk. That falls across the plains like morning dew. To quench the lovers thirst with gentle milk, Enchants us with the taste of something new. For as we take her pleasure to our lips, And lose ourselves within her fragrant sway, We find our senses dulled between […]


Standing beside the door, Hands cupping your fate in the stilted air, Where nothing is denied or lost. The street outside is hushed, aware Of the great event unfolding. Thus at the moment of inertia, When life is stilled, Between the past and future come, Against the push and pull. The certainty and regret, Percariously […]

Invariably when the day recedes

Invariably when the day recedes, The clipped glitter of the evening stars, Reflecting monody on every wall, Whispering to each soul that sinks beneath The silent reverie, cascading downwards, Absolves us of our guilt, to let them fall. The sky, straddled by the great monoliths, Propel the heavens downwards to the ground, Sprinkling stardust upon […]