I have sailed these seas

I have sailed these seas,
Lost between the still waters and the land,
Far from the maddening crowd.

Is the voice that resonates
And the thought the same.
Does the sound differ from the song.
Or is the sea the sound the generates the song.
Is there no song without the sea.

I have listened to the wind as it sings to me.
Yet I wonder if my thoughts are the catalyst for the breeze.
Was there no wind except my thoughts of the breeze,
Or is there no sea but my songs of the sea.

I am on the shore where dark waves are tumbling,
Falling, crashing down and the sky is heaped
Upon the horizon.
There is no sea but the song of the sea.
And no wind but the thought of the breeze.
The songs of the sea and the thoughts of the breeze
Are conduits to both the sea and to the wind.
Each are of ourselves and we can only
See the sea and feel the breeze when
We are the song of the sea and the thought of the wind.


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