When we had woken

When we had woken, the last of the rain, That had fallen so hard began to lift, And the sky had brightened for it to feign, A turgid dawn as if it was a gift. For you and I with clasped hands, cheek on cheek, Knew only of each other and the pain. Possessing nothing, […]

I have sailed these seas

I have sailed these seas, Lost between the still waters and the land, Far from the maddening crowd. Is the voice that resonates And the thought the same. Does the sound differ from the song. Or is the sea the sound the generates the song. Is there no song without the sea. I have listened […]

Lover’s death

The last vestige of the dark lies broken, As traces of the dawn, and starker light That seeps into you before you’ve woken, The vivisection of a dreamless night. In that moment of pain and sundering, Beneath the wreckage and more clamant stares. Words not spoke and the silent blundering, Lie cool between us in […]


There is nothing here except the living and the dead And these footprints where we look for ghosts, Cascading in the soft spray to eternity, Find no monody but the vast emptiness of our souls. Each name traced is but the memory, Of the great loss etched upon the faces of the living, Tiptoeing around […]

Bastille day

Between the boulevards I walk alone, Of streets that sag, beneath a moonlit sky, And watch them dance and sway, as if their blown, Bound up within themselves, they tilt and sigh, And, the human harvest of what was known, Reflect their inner self and in their eyes A momentary wonder, and are aware, Of […]

Sleep now dear child

Sleep now dear child And rest your weary head, Let your smile Fall gently on your face. Hear not the words That life has left unsaid, But slumber in your dreams And in your grace. You were mine, For just a little while. Till the tide of life Swept us apart. Sleep now my child […]

Would you have loved me

Would you have loved me if you had waited, For the anger to soften in your heart. Or was it that, we were ever fated, To disagree and always be apart. What good is speech, when silence is spoken, Of things wished for and of the word unsaid. That hopes and dreams lay forever broken, […]