I am the keeper of my dreams

I am the keeper of my dreams,
Safe and well I keep them.
Well behind this wall of thought.
These dreams I keep, sparse and taut.

Each day I tend my dreams.
Each daydream grows.
They grow and grow,
And I must mind them.
Each dream I mine
Bears witness to these thoughts.
They teach me well these dreams,
To keep them in my mind
So I can find them.

I see where each dream lies.
I see each dream lying on each other,
One lie after another, each dream a lie.
Little lies between them, I dream of how they lie.
What lies within their dreaming.
I am the keeper of my lies.

My dreams, falling at my feet,
Sprouting to the sky,
And I must stamp upon them.
Trampling on my dreams
These foolish few
Who cultivate the thought of coming true.
I try, have tried,
To keep these dreams at bay
To shun these thoughts,
These nightmares of my dreams away.

They die,
Each dream corrupted by the lie.
How deep they lie, trampled underneath.
Buried deep beneath the blood red sky.
I am the keeper of my dreams.


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