Sometimes a spark

Sometimes a spark ignites,
Random and unexpected.
Created from nothing but
Bringing with it a spontaneous purity.
Having no meaning yet, meaning everything.
It is a catalyst.
Briefly shining then quickly dying,
Fading away, becoming a lingering loss.
Lost in the eternal sea of regret.

What if you cradled it in your arms,
Blowing your soft breath upon it.
Breathing life into it.
Watching it flicker,
And even now you are part of it.
You are becoming the spark
The spark becoming you.
Thus you have given yourself away
And in that moment you have received
Your greatest gift.

Every minute of every day you must give yourself away.
For love feeds only upon itself,
And the spark cannot grow roots for you alone.
Love is a root that is both separate yet indivisible
Growing only from each other.
And the spark can never be extinguished together,
It shines only when each give themselves to each other,
Wrapping themselves in each other
Thus becoming free together.


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