Watching the great bird wheeling, dipping low
Above the ramparts she foresees her doom
Within each circle of that feathered wing.
And fingers the nape of her neck, stretching,
As though a swan, tasting the air beneath,
Dissipating within burnt offerings.
She begins to dream and sees cold madness
Amid the vast colours and pungent smells.
Dark clouds roll in as a catastrophe,
Floating like a procession of the dead
Riding above the morning skies,mourning.
Stilled between the passing of her dreaming,
Over sad seas to silent Olympus,
Home of her blood, the great awakening.

Should she give herself only as an bane.
What use of beauty if it can only
Be seen in the hapless dreams of lovers
Or in the violent ways of men, beauty
Must live within herself, it can be found
On drenched grasses glistening in the sun
Or soft winds, moaning on a empty plain.
The sad emotion of a falling star.
It finds itself among the grieving face
Of children, between the tearful eyes
And the smile, it knows pleasure and pain.
Shall she find comforts in those simple things,
Crossing between her new divinity.
Showing her the length and breadth of her soul.

She thinks of her mother caught in the bill
Of his great chest, how did she feel when he
Took her between those dark webs,what passions
Unfurled as his wings enveloped and held her.
Did she glimpse at paradise, or did his
Divinity blind her, searing those sad
Eyes lost in the moment of conception.
Shall her blood fail now, and of her beauty,
Becoming the great curse, pure and endless.
She sees the indifferent cloudless skies
Above her, reflect the lost innocence.
A labour of endurance suffusing
The glories of her kind with tragedy.
Will heaven give requital to desire.

She dreams of death, the mother of beauty.
Will it harbour unchanging perfection.
Bringing fulfilment to every mans dream.
Will there be no growth, or any decay.
Flowers ever blossoming and rivers,
Striving toward the sea will never find
Receding shores, will the tide be steadfast
Never touched by sorrow or by regret.
Or will the trees ever offer their leaves
To fall again among the windswept paths.
She sees her beauty now as malignant,
Weighing upon her soul and she cries out
To the eternal gods to unleash the winds
Of change and perish her among the stars.


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