When the yellow moon

When the yellow moon floats across the desert sky, And I leaning on the hubris of the world. An unsung hero, hunting through the fossil shells, Mired in the vast solitude of it all, Lie with the scorpions, a bitter sting, drunk From the chase, a tired old man, hoping For the last gusher and […]


The bark thickens and the bough, Giving its bounty to the wind, As the years fall around. Each tomorrow the last day, Yet you will not care That I may forget, Of what was lost. Scattered in the wind, Washed away, Ruined in the neglect, Of so many years. You have been dead a long […]

She will not fear

She will not fear the harvest failing now, Nor the low tide that ebbs about her feet. There are no fruit upon that withered bough, Only the slow passage of life’s retreat. For all that’s gathered now and what was lost, She will not lose nor ever hope to gain. There is nothing left but […]

London calling.

The sun breaks on the last vestige of the night Revealing gaunt towers that wrestle with the sky, And cold shards of light fall on pitiless throngs Who dive below the earth in terror of it all. Thus morning comes to the city, Where the countless swarm in the streetscapes, Hemmed into their own purgatory. […]

Harbour nights

The women stay silent, Muttering only to themselves. And men are dreaming, Their mouths open like the beaks of dying birds, Dreaming of the night whores, And the river flows in tiny pieces, Bringing only blood, and the constant Horror of the falling moon. The women who have spread themselves Against the bitter sky wait […]

Sometimes a spark

Sometimes a spark ignites, Random and unexpected. Created from nothing but Bringing with it a spontaneous purity. Having no meaning yet, meaning everything. It is a catalyst. Briefly shining then quickly dying, Fading away, becoming a lingering loss. Lost in the eternal sea of regret. What if you cradled it in your arms, Blowing your […]