What is beauty

What is beauty if it can only be seen In the hapless dreams of lovers. Or in the useless faces of the unattainable. Beauty is not a gift given to many. It must be shared simply to be beautiful. And beauty is found in strange places, Revealing itself in the gentle mist or in Snowflakes […]

When I grow old

When I grow old Remember not the frail man Who shivers now, lost and cold, But of the other, brave and bold. Not the one that lingers on. When I am old. When I grow old, Ancient and useless In my hearts desire, And the bleak stars above, Blows the flickering candle. Think of yesterday […]

Come cover me

Come cover me in the dark memories, For I have become old and leaden eyed. Long lost and stuck in the sad reverie, Of a bygone age, and an ebbing tide. Must we grow weary and full of sorrows. The fading embers of a dying fire. Stuck in the past of our sad tomorrow’s, Living […]


After the shock she stopped crying. Her hand still bleeding and the pain, Began to set its own rhythm Throbbing as it bled. Reluctantly she offered it to him. Flinching as he cleaned and swabbed. His face hidden by the sunlight. And her fingers that knew of books and softness, Felt his fingers on hers. […]

My lips have not

My lips have not known pleasure since we kissed, No,- nor has my hand trembled since your touch, And life, that reminds us, of what we’ve missed, Sad and silent, though longing for so much. Yet love survives, though broken and in pain, For what is lost can never be regained. The hurt I feel […]


There is a hint of rain in this place, Where each memory contains A thread, tenuous and fragile Sinewy and frail. There is even time to take My mothers diary, So long lost, Perhaps I think it would be best To leave it lie, If the reading of her thoughts Would let her die. I […]

River run

I could scarcely remember, The spontaneous creation, or the gathering, Launching this tumult of dreams and nightmares. Nor the steady wind, cold and bare, Sentinel to the eternal spring unfolding. The birch and willows bend to me, Weaving their songs; their slow chant Moaning in the seething breeze, Singing to themselves that ageless tune. How […]