Somewhere in your dreams, a rush of voices. Insistent noise to wrest away your sleep. Shrouded peels of bells and other choices, Persist within your mind to make you weep. Outside, the other world distils and sings, To sheave the murmurs in the drowsy air, And lulls the restless heart with songs it brings, To […]

So swift it dips

So swift it dips to meet the mottled sky, The flaming vestige of a spendthrift day. Where fading colours pale and drift away, Suffuse the evening with a fainter dye. When you have come oh mistress of the night, To cloak the valley in the blackest hue, And breathe the purple sighs of midnight dew, […]


Walking the moonless street Where receding snows, reveal The hubris of the night, I am caught by the sad reflections Of a soiled pane. I am not ready to repent, Nor regret the passing. I stand transfixed, In the silent reverie of my thoughts, Indifferent to the melting snows, That mirror the world of bending […]

When I see

When I see kingdoms rise and empires fall. The pillars of the earth succumbed to rust. There is a certainty about it all, That everything will fade and turn to dust. Young men will fight to stake their claim and try, Usurp all others, who stand in their way. And boast about their deeds but […]

We are travelers

We are travelers of the shadow land, Searching for the light; groping in the dark. We are the withered souls; we are the stark And grim reminder of that faithless band. We have gathered beneath the fading star, Where distant sounds are muffled by the night. We are the careless ones, we have no sight […]

Sometimes I think of the long days

Sometimes I think of the long days And the soft nights, Where silent flowers sway in the evening breeze. All are dead now. And when I think of you floating among the shady boughs, I am saddened that there is no sun to mourn you. The winter knows nothing of your passing, Only bitter frosts […]

Where will we go now

Where will we go now that the world has fled, And darkness reaps the sorrows we have sown. We have nothing left, everything has flown, Fumbling in the memories of our dead. Despair and loathing; greyness is our fear, We are helpless in what we should have known. Only vanity and these things alone, Deprive […]