‘Twas Christmas Eve

‘Twas Christmas Eve among the shops and stalls,
Where I was shopping for a gift or two,
When I heard a sound such as I recalled,
Another Christmas when the world was new.

A train was chugging on a wooden track,
With its colours flowing both red and blue,
As I watched it chug, I was taken back,
To a Christmas morn that went Choo,Choo,Choo.

I remembered well that Christmas morning,
When the frost was heavy upon the glass.
I woke so fast as the light was dawning,
Where I’d hoped my dreams, would all come to pass.

And rolling round, beneath the Christmas tree,
A wooden train, rolled on a wooden track,
And I called my mum and dad to see,
The gift that Santa had left from his sack.

So today I’ll buy a gift for you,
A wooden train and a wooden track.
Whose colours flow both red and blue,
To lift the heart, when it goes Choo,Choo,Choo.


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