When I have seen the rise and fall of fools Whose empires dissipate upon a whim. The tyrants and the clowns who get to rule Who grey the light and make the world so grim. What madness, stored within the hearts of men Believe that power and glory is a right, And we allow them, […]


Against the trees the bitter winds have blown, Long burnished bare by winters baleful gusts, They linger long through winter storms and snow. And cling to boughs as friends return to dust. These lonely leaves are but the spent remains, Of lives long lived yet fearful of the fall. What use of holding on, can […]

Language of love

What is the language of a wistful look. What can be said about a lovers touch. What should be spoken when a heart is took. Or the gentle ways, that are loved so much. In the dawning light when you hold me near, No sound is broken when your lips are brushed. There is a […]

Forest time

Walking this forest floor, I wonder why My heart is still, unburdened from the strife. The mindless chatter of a busy life Falls silent now. beneath the evening sky, The shadows fall and lengthen into night. Amid the rustling trees I feel no fear. There are no sighs of sadness I can hear. Nor any […]


You, ripped out, head first, The afterthought of a casual coupling. A flower nipped in the bud. Perhaps you would have been a feral thing. A danger to us all. Perhaps you may not have been like that at all. You are merely, The unfortunate confluence of fates, Not your own. You had no choice, […]


So black the night, that drives The gentleness beneath the ground, And all is want of green and light. The suddenness, the loss of sight, Decay and rot, And all is want of green and light. Do not despair, For in the darkest shadows, When the forest turns its silver out, There is hope against […]

Jealous gods

Perhaps it was the sunlight in her hair, That fell about her face that made me smile. Maybe it was the moment that we shared, That wove the love between us for a while. But love was like the tide that ebbed and flowed, Where passions burn so bright, then die away. Our love that […]