The fire has died

The fire has died, has petered out
Like the warmth between us.
Everything is spent, and bitter is the taste
Of everything.
Now we are just the dregs, an aftertaste.
Loitering like vanquished ghosts,
Waiting for the final call,the closing bell.
Full of fading fires and crushed desires.

These days are short and shorter still,
Will be the time when laughter trills,
For love and hatred are all the same
And at the end the the ending will,
Remember nothing of our passage through,
For all the memories and desires,
Will vanish like the feeble fires,
Of love and happiness we thought as true.

There are no fires to warm the soul,
But ashes mounting on the pyre,
Of broken dreams and half lit minds,
Of godless men and mute desires,
And of those who still remain,
To taste the bitterness and the pain,
To watch with cold indifferent eyes,
The shattered dreams of broken lives.


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