She stands forlorn

She stands forlorn
Behind that truculent smile,
Yet even at the death
There are parts of her that care.
And I must go
Beyond these grieving walls
To step away,
Before my memories, betray.

The ghosts have gathered now,
To raise the spectral images of when,
We in the lovers cauldron
Drank too deeply of the witching brew,
Inviolate and headstrong
Our love that grew so quickly,
Devoured us in the end.

And so you stand,
Patting down the dress you wear
Holding back your sorrows in your hands,
Trying to make some sense or understand,
Of what had happened here,
What moment came to pass
Between those breathless sighs,
When love was at it’s zenith.
What signal cried, the sad and lonely sadness of goodbye.

As I turn away
Perhaps the greatest pain
Is knowing that our parting,
Is nothing more than just an empty smile,
And a shaking of the hand.


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