Spring, that shrinks the last vestige of decay, Breathing new life after the dark season. Heralds the joy of living: A spend day, Among the chaotic rhyme and reason. Have you heard the skylarks sing. The great song Echoes the first carillons of the sky, To sway the branches and the budding throng, The sweeping […]

My boy

Before me now there stands the boy I knew. Long changed, disguised and now an adult too. In him I see the child I knew before, Wondrous and wild, the kid I used adore. And as I take the picture from its frame. How can the man and boy be just the same. How fair […]

Its morning

Its morning, when I turn my eye To where the light folds up the shadows Over rooftops, as if the shutters rise. And where the clouds drift aimlessly, Across the prairie skies. The planet, turning slowly on its axis. Spins through the heavens, silently. As I think about my day, and sip my tea. And […]

I have loved this land

I have loved this land, where the eagle soars And where the snow blows, The white dust of despair to the shivering valleys below. Looking heavenward, the black skies, Herald the destitution of the light, The deep and dark recession into night. I have held your sorrows in my hand, And felt your sadness at […]

I who had loved you

I who had loved you from afar, Had dreamed your heart was mine, And thought the words upon your lips, Had made our hearts entwined. To me you were the evening star, Radiant and divine. Our love would never be eclipsed, Nor tarnished or maligned. I send to you, a simple gift, To show my […]