Mass rock

There is a fierceness here.
Where the land meets the end of the world
And the Atlantic roars its defiance,
Boiling it’s anger in the froth.
Indifferent yet inquisitive
To the ways of men.
And standing
With the sea spray in my eyes,
The seagulls swoop
White against the cliff rock,
Wheeling as they dive,
Affronted by my presence
Pleading to be understood,
Who have kept their promise.
I try to remember
A single day,
When we were as defiant,
When all that mattered
Was the right.
When life was balanced
On the principle alone.
Where men would die.
And I am shamed
Yet fiercely proud
Of every mothers child
Who took this path,
To make this journey
To this small insignificant outcrop
To repeat those rituals
Simply because they were denied.
For it is here in these simple acts
By simple folk
That nations are forged
And history made.


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