Rest and sleep

Rest and sleep upon her breast
And breathe those soft and murmuring sighs.
Childhood  days are ephemeral
And time corrupts the innocent.
But now just lay your head,
In arms that lullaby.
Tonight we block those mortal thoughts
To shield you from mortality.

Long the watchman watches,
The slow decline.
Of lovers clinging to each other
And hope is lost.
The grave and sordid sorrows of goodbye
The abstract thoughts that herald the dying light
Which reaps the harvests of confusion,
To lead us to finality.

Sermons ringing like the dead mans knell,
Of hopes betrayed and nothing gained,
Foretelling miseries and of hell,
Where preachers tell of certainty
And weigh the costs upon the scales.
To lay the blame; but tonight
No thought of blame but gentle words
To sooth your cries.

Ah my child,
Let not the winds of life
Blow round your dreams,
But hold on fast ere all hopes die
And at the dawning hour, the mortal cries of men
That drag us down be cast aside
And cradle gently in her arms
To sleep, where love abides.


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