in the sullen woods he wandered

In the sullen woods he wandered
Where moon beams never glow
The trees began to whisper
Of a land where men can’t go

He thought that he heard voices
So softly did they flow
Speaking to each other
From the land where men can’t go

And as he tried to listen
The further in he strayed
Shadows fell across him
And he became afraid

Stumbling to a clearing
Among the ferny floor
Where the voices now fell silent
When he saw the great oak door

The door itself was ancient
As he touched it with his hand
He felt its power and anger
Was more than he could stand

And stepping back he summoned
What courage he could spare
He knocked upon it boldly
“Is there anybody there”

The breeze became a wild wind
He felt a deep despair
When the trees began to moan to him
To be careful and beware

And as the wind was blowing
He heard above the roar
The sound of rustling keys
And the opening of the door

A stillness now returned
As a dread hung in the air
When the door began to open
Like the opening of a lair

And as the door was opening
A voice was heard within
To the wailing of the trees
And the crawling of the skin

“Who dares to summon me
From my slumber and my sleep
To walk the world of men
Who make the forests weep”

“Who is this lonely stranger
Who knocks upon my door”
In a voice that reeked of danger
That shocked him to the core

The stranger sensed his peril
And the danger he was in
He tried to turn and flee
But was captured from within

And in that world of darkness
Behind the great oak door
Was turned into a forester
That guards the ferny floor

So if you are a stranger
Beware the sullen wood
And the dangers that are lurking
To snare you if they could.


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