I felt your hand

I felt your hand between her hand and mine, Your breath I’ve tasted on these lips I kissed, A shadow falls amid the songs and wine, And I am desolate from all I’ve missed. For though the night is but for passions spent, Her head upon my chest so softly lay And in the comforts […]

Mass rock

There is a fierceness here. Where the land meets the end of the world And the Atlantic roars its defiance, Boiling it’s anger in the froth. Indifferent yet inquisitive To the ways of men. And standing With the sea spray in my eyes, The seagulls swoop White against the cliff rock, Wheeling as they dive, […]

One must

One must be of a mind to banality To despise the serendipity And congeniality That abounds And whereas one Would be cruel Not to mock the innocent A certain sympathy May be extended Perhaps even assistance However scorn and derision Must be heaped upon The smugly self satisfied Who in their ignorance Are worthy of […]

Rest and sleep

Rest and sleep upon her breast And breathe those soft and murmuring sighs. Childhood ┬ádays are ephemeral And time corrupts the innocent. But now just lay your head, In arms that lullaby. Tonight we block those mortal thoughts To shield you from mortality. Long the watchman watches, The slow decline. Of lovers clinging to each […]

You are like the winter wind

You are like the winter wind, cold and bare, That blows the seasons trumpets loud and shrill, And brings the bitter frosts that chill the air, To silence natures laughter, and to still The mountain springs, where noisy waters run To meet the streams and rivers far below, Now frozen in their banks beneath the […]

What can I say

What can I say about this voice that gives, The greatest pleasure in the songs it sings, That to listen to every word it brings, Is redemption to my soul, and forgives, Every sorrow that life has borne for me, The sad reflections of a living loss, Where every hurdle is so hard to cross […]