Do not go willingly, and be afraid,
Of what is offered for it is a lie,
That has been peddled for so long it seems,
That it is the only truth that ever was.
Do not think we were fettered by some chance,
No it was not a choice given to us,
But in the binding they hoped of our loss,
To all that is free but now unreachable.
We were clipped and hobbled from early on,
Becoming servantile in their service,
And our service will not go unnoticed,
But forgotten as soon as they forget.
Reinforced by the babble talk of truth,
Being made malleable and unquestioning,
Until our desires melded with their own.
A unity born out of control and fear.
But do not curse them for their ignorance,
For it was a treason borne out of love.

Youth which sees the deceit in all its forms.
Those who are rebellious by their nature,
Can hope to free themselves of their shackles.
But weep for them who are blind to the lie,
Or those that know the truth and carry on.
They are forever lost to everything that’s real.
Of those that can see the path most clearly,
Remember yours is the more difficult road,
Which has no obvious markings but your own.
Do not be afraid of being afraid.
To have no beliefs other than your own.
To see and understand without regard,
To any reference that others hold.
You hold yourself accountable to no one
But the truth will always be your friend.

What can be said of truth that is not a lie.
That can be misinformed to bear witness,
To the deepest meaning of deception.
Truth that is as elusive as the wind,
To all that seek it without innocence.
Truth the illusion of reality,
To those who would try corrupt and change it.
That can only be grasped by open minds.
Grasp it with your mind and becoming free,
It will guide you to the deepest secrets.


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