Conversation surrounds me

Conversation surrounds me
Of mundane things
That people say.
This infectious virus of banality,
Distracts my thoughts of you.
Who would whisper such
Outrageous words
To soothe my soul.
How I hope
they dressed you simply.
Remembering how you rebuked me
In our youth,
When I offered you posies.
You who would not be tethered
Led me to the quietest river bank
And kissed me.
That was the beginning
And the end of us.
We who circled each other
All our lives,
Dipping into each other,
Knowing what we lacked
But always needing
Each others touch.

And now you wait for me
With a patience that was never you
To shake the hand
Of those that knew you
But never really knew
The woman that I knew
The futile gestures
Of grieve combines
With the archaic rituals
To send you on your way
But in my heart you will fly with me
I have captured you at last
Do not be afraid
I will set you free.


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