Old men

Old men who sit and watch with vacant stares And mutter to themselves about their time, Who have that ragged look of quiet despair Of lonely men who’ve lived beyond their prime. And those who in the dwindling of their years Seek comfort in the glories of the past With memories to try allay the […]


You who had grown so quickly Nourished by the deep reservoirs of love, Bloomed in such splendid colour Under the summers sun above. And in that time you blossomed Your beauty was revealed, To blind us to the dangers That such beauty had concealed. But now that winters coming When the leaves begin to fall, […]

I saw her fall

I saw her fall, So helpless did she look As she swayed against herself Her flailing hands had pushed against the wall. And as I held her hand This woman I’d never met before Whose life was slowly ebbing on the floor Who whispered in my ear to say a prayer Began to fade. The […]


Do not go willingly, and be afraid, Of what is offered for it is a lie, That has been peddled for so long it seems, That it is the only truth that ever was. Do not think we were fettered by some chance, No it was not a choice given to us, But in the […]