I have feared this day would come at last,
When we would part with bitter blows.
Though you and I can scarcely ask,
Of friendship with the path we chose.

This love we had was never there,
It was just a lie to conceal the truth.
Two lonely hearts who in despair,
Clung to each other in our fading youth.

So many days and wasted years,
To try to make the circle square.
Of lurking fears and hidden tears,
Was more than you and I could bear.

And now we’re free to make our way,
Without the chains that bound us tight.
To stop the rot and slow decay,
And step into the new found light.

But let the past not blind us now,
To the hopes and dreams that lie ahead.
And make each other a final vow,
That on our dreams we will not thread.


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