Cross roads

Standing at the crossroads of my life Like threads upon a tapestry, The roads stretch out from me. I wonder how I got to here, Was it fate or was it fear. What am I to do. Will I retreat to the comfort of my past, To my memories and hope I will not dream. […]

Colpo di fulmine

How to describe a feeling so intense, That you are dying And being reborn at the same moment. That hopeless spiral of Exhilaration and despair Triggered by a smile. It was as I was torn in two And you pouring yourself into my heart Like a fever that never broke An infection that never spoke […]


As a drunk who staggering to the door Comes back for just one more. Or the gambler who cannot believe his luck And bets it all away. I have tried to stay within the walls, Where penance thralls the masses, But to no avail. My eyes are open But cannot see Those petty values, Trying […]

In the darkness

In your arms at night I sleep My head low against your breastHear you softly breathing Knowing I at last can rest. For though I am so weary With the struggles of the day In you I have found succor To make them go away. You take all my sorrows And weave them with the […]


My parents used to get up early To prepare the house for the coming day, And would with hushed tones Talk in the early morning light, Before calling us downstairs. We who had listened with bent earsTo our family’s great play unfolding, What did we know of life and all its snares What did we care, […]

I will not cry

I will not cry nor stop the clocks Now you are dead. But remember How you planted daffodils, And watched them bloom instead. Nor will I grieve or shed a tear Now you are gone. But see your face In every star, And carry on. I do not see you lying here Beneath the cold […]

There is a place

There is a place that beckons to us all, It whispers in the wind to every soul, Take care and close your ears to every call, As every time you listen takes its toll. For I seen the many that went astray, On promises that cannot be undone, The darker sides of life which we […]