My friends

My friends that we have come upon this day,
By virtue of such luck and skill that we,
Who having gained the upper hand thus far,
Should treat it as of little matter now.
For yesterdays, are consigned to history,
Which men will view but with a fleeting glance,
That falls from all the memories we hold.
But today,holds glories within it’s hands.
For those of us who dare believe in fate,
Let me say to that man, you are a fool.
For fate is not a tool that can be used,
But only by the blood and sweat we share,
Can this day be won for all of us that dare.
Today my friends,we all must be as one,
In everything we do we must believe,
When we pass each other in future years,
Though old and creaking in our stepping out,
Can look each other in the eye and say,
I was a brother to my friend that day.
Nothing was left behind no little thing,
No impediment or a sense of loss,
And even at the turning of the day
We lose. Let there be no shame in such loss.
Let none regret or rue a single thing,
That could or should have been said or done,
Even in defeat let us be as one,
That we fought together to the very end.


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