When I consider all the friends I’ve lost, On things that matter little to me now. Or friends who gently warned me of the cost, Of every argument I would allow When every friend of mine who tried to share, The harsher truths of life I did forget. And make believe I didn’t have a […]

Cuchulainn’s lament

A sudden thrust: the scraping sound of steel Against the bone, careering from the blow His balance lost, staggering as he kneels Upon the earth, he tries to staunch the flow. The bloodied sword now dropping to the ground, His battle rage now slowly dissipates. They seek each others eyes but make no sound, Just […]

After you

It’s strange that even a house can die. Nothing in it feels the same. The intrinsic illusions of smell and touch Are neutered by your loss. The insidious decay of your essence has started To unfold. I see it in the way it presents itself. There is a pallor to everything within. Light has become […]


Why is it, I still dream Of bagging fish, In mountain streams, Under lead grey skies. Or harvest fields Of winter wheat, And father calling the harvest on. Or ploughing on frosty ground, The crunching sound, Of steel on soil and soil on steel, And earth crust heaving, In the winter sun.


We waited, Until the soft mist that had Threatened all morning Finally turned to rain. Soon she would come, With that ungainly gait Through drenched thickets, And rain soaked grasses. She was prepared for us As we for her. Entering the grove, We moved to meet her, And our labours begun.


Long afterwards in sterile offices, Where money talks, And vacant stares of wealthy men Whose minds I cannot fathom, It struck me that the heathers were never eaten By the cattle, Though they clearly loved the smell, And that the tadpoles, Spawning in the drinking trough, Must have hopped to the lake below After becoming […]

If there was

If there was one word I could say, That would tell you how I felt. Would thaw the cold between us And help it melt. Would heal Every wound that never healed, And disappear Each lie that was concealed. If there was one moment, When you and I, Could look each other in the eye, […]