I set out

I set out before the dawn had won the day,
From the eternal darkness of the night.
Passed through the lower slopes in solitude,
Where tranquil waters babble silently.
The sun now casting shadows from the doom,
Asserts itself with all its power and might,
And summer birds their chorus to rehearse,
Awake from slumbers deep upon the wing.
Gossamers hang lightly on every bough,
Inhale the fragile light and dissipate,
And I behold the well worn passage where,
In my youth, I had walked without a care.
But as a youth in youthful dalliance,
Was blinded to the deeper meanings here.
The landscape as I climb now comes alive,
Its presence felt in every passing breeze.
And I, in glorious awakening,
Feel its power flow, in every living thing.
Still further do I climb before I rest,
Till at last I near my destination end,
Where eagles swoop in silent reverie,
They float on currents high upon the wind.
Sitting here, I in peaceful solitude,
With deepest thoughts of natures grand intent,
And even now with reverent gratitude,
To every blessing that it has bestowed.
When I now standing on this mountain top,
Gazing down at the pastures far below
Believe that I and nature now connect
And see its grandeur in almost everything


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