I set out

I set out before the dawn had won the day, From the eternal darkness of the night. Passed through the lower slopes in solitude, Where tranquil waters babble silently. The sun now casting shadows from the doom, Asserts itself with all its power and might, And summer birds their chorus to rehearse, Awake from slumbers […]

I sit and wait

I sit and wait, As the rain sheets down. Battering the shelter With unrelenting blows. The yellow street lamps, Shower us in a sickly glow, Illuminating the places below In a fog of pus like light. This place has lost its soul. It fled when we wrested away control To build our factories and plants […]

I remember

I remember when you and I were young And you were beautiful beyond compare. Each day we fought the world and always won Living for the moment without a care But time that thief has stole our youth away And your beauty does slowly dissipate. The world we fought has won and now holds sway […]

The dress

Within his room the vestments are displayed, Each garment hung,so perfectly arrayed. Reverently he stands to survey his clothes, Pulls up his pants and gently blows his nose. In her boudoir a different scene is found, Where dangers pearls, and fashions abound. The mistress of the house she contemplates, The trials and tribulations she must […]


When we come to the autumn of our days, And winter nights are all that beckon us. Will we regret, when we, our life appraise, If by our living, life was lessened thus. Or do we live our lives without regard, For any consequence, our actions pose, That to others whose feelings we discard, Which […]


I looked at him And he looked back at me I thought he would embrace me But he turned and left me be As he moved away I think I heard him say Enjoy it while you can I’ll be back again someday

Cattle Drive

The cattle rear their eyes to me, As if my tardiness offends them. Indifferent to my cajoling, They set their own pace, With a nonchalant gait. Their hips moving, With a gracefulness, That belies their shape. They are quieter now. The only sounds are hoofs, Thudding against the ground, And pigeons cooing. The sun begins […]