Waking up to love

I cannot sleep,
sleep evades me now.
I cannot eat,
though eating plays no part.
of the ache,
in my stomach and in my heart.
I cannot think,
though think I must somehow.
I need to know,
whats happening to me now.

was it fear that gave me pause,
when first I saw your face.
the danger that you’d cause,
to my internal state.
I saw the peril I was in
and cowardly ran away.
and hid my feelings deep inside,
and hoped they’d never stray.

but you, so sweetly touched my hand,
and held me to your breast.
you spoke to me so lovingly,
I scarcely could resist.
you told me that you loved me,
and that you’d never leave.
but stand beside me in all things,
until I could believe.

I see it clearly now,
I think I understand.
a quietness came over me,
when first you touched my hand.
how could I have been so blind,
that I failed to see.
the depth of love I felt for you,
the depth you felt for me.


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