I have seen the horror of your creation, Which sucks the marrow from my bones. I know the danger to my station, These daily terrors that you condone. The crushing blows you have delivered, Wrapped up in cruelty that makes no sense. My hopes of happiness are all but withered, No hope of justice or […]

Is it the greatness of your art

Is it the greatness of your art or intellect, that you proclaim for all the world to see. That my thoughts and wit would appear reject, and wither upon the vine with me. Is it your beauty and wisdom that astound. That’s alien to this world that strikes me dumb. No, neither you nor the […]

There may be days

There may be times, when I will rage against my grief, and damn you, for leaving, so early in the day. and perhaps I will curse my luck that I ever saw your face, and vow to nurse my hate until my dying days. But not today. Today I mourn you, with a heart that’s […]


I didn’t think of you today. Life got in the way, All the grief that’s in my heart will fade away, and my heart that’s broke in two, will mend itself anew. Time will thieve my memories from me, and in the end I will forget, the love I had for thee.


I have no interest in your silks or in your lace. Nor any pique, at the powder on your face. I’m not impressed by your perfume or cologne and place no value on the trinkets that you own. I see you in a different light. Where blemishes do not offend my sight. There is no […]


There is a custom in our place, When we’re laid to rest, Before the coffin lid is closed, Two items are placed, Upon the head and toes, To symbolise the interests of our lives. It is a gift,from the living to the dead, To help them on the way, To cross the great divide. So […]


its a wonder flowers that propagate, grow in areas I never cultivate, and those I nurture keenly, sometimes fail to bloom, and others that I grow, are so tender,that the slightest breeze, or frost will slow their growth, or kill them altogether, why is it that those that struggle through the soil, are sturdier and […]