Come with me

Come with me,
and I will take you to a place.
Where you can step aside and contemplate,
the summation of your days.
The wealth of your estate,
and ask those questions lurking in your mind,suppressed.
For fear the answers that they’ll give.
Why do we live the life we do.
Are we conditioned to our fate.
Born,lived and died
to a life that is alien.
Is this the only way,
to just recycle history.
Or are we snared,trapped,blinded
by our beliefs,
that we listen to the preachers lies,
and make believe them true.
These freedoms that we share.
These illusions of our mind.
These shackles that we bear,
from start to end.
How can they be undone.
Come with me and see,
if there is another way.


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