Charlie Ward

Charlie Ward decided to depart,
a childhood that was torn apart by those who didn’t care.
used, abused, abandoned to his fate.
living rough on the streets, wasn’t working out that good of late.
so Charlie as was his way,
quietly overdosed and left behind his grief.
and as his life was ebbing down,
a voice surprised him as it said,
Charlie, a question before you disappear,
why treat your life with such disdain.
who are you to ask about my choice
which is mine alone to make
have you been send to judge me at the death
you, who only now expels thy breathe
to lecture me.
the voice continued ,
Charlie, soon you will be dead
and your choice has extinguished many lights
the future children, you will not see
the friends, acquaintances, that, can never be.
the misery you’ve endured,
can never be undone.
where there’s life there’s always hope,
but death is evermore.
the choice is yours.


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